Colonoscopy: colonic therapy & colonics!

- Colonoscopy: colonic therapy & colonics! -

What to expect from colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy is the visual examination of the entire colon and rectum, performed while the patient is sedated. A longer, flexible tube is placed through the rectum into the colon. The tube is linked to a video camera and display so the doctor can look for cancer or polyps. Polyps that are found can be removed using a wire loop that goes through the tube. Pieces of the polyp are then sent to a lab to see if cancer cells are present.

With the patient awake but sedated, a flexible endoscope is inserted per rectum and advanced through the various portions of the lower GI tract. Important anatomic landmarks are identified and mucosal surfaces are examined for ulcerations, polyps, friable areas, hemorrhagic sites, neoplasms, strictures, etc. Minor operative procedures may then be performed utilizing the standard colonoscope with appropriate accessories.


Be aware: an alternative for surgery!!!

The term "colonoscopy" means looking inside the colon. It is a procedure performed by a gastroenterologist, a well-trained subspecialist. Colonoscopy is more precise than an X-ray. This procedure also allows other instruments to be passed through the colonoscope. These may be used, for example, to painlessly remove a suspicious-looking growth or to take a biopsy-a small piece for further analysis.

In this way, colonoscopy may help to avoid surgery or to better define what type of surgery may need to be done. As the scope is slowly and carefully passed, you may feel as if you need to move your bowels, and because air is introduced to help advance the scope, you may feel some cramping or fullness. Generally, however, there is =little or no discomfort.





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