Colon cleanser: colonics & colon therapies!

- Colon cleanser: colonics & colon therapies!! -

How to recognize the best colon cleanser product?

Some people choose to cleanse with a c o l o n c l e a n s e r. There are many in the market right there. The most popular ones are Colonix, OxyPowder, and Dual Action Cleanse. The first two - you can find reviews and comments on in various health message boards online. Both have their fanbase.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers of colon cleansers make false claims about selling the colon cleanse product. And, since herbal supplements are not regulated by the FDA, there isn't much that can be done to prevent outlandish claims. Some even include ingredients that act counter-productively. For example, some contain Ascorbic acid, which is a strong antioxidant. As such, it essentially neutralizes any benefits you gain from the released oxygen! The only way to determine if the product is an oxygen-based colon cleanser is to perform a titration test.

A titration test demonstrates whether or not oxygen is actually being released. It can also measure duration of the oxygenation effect. At this point, there are only two products on the market shown to release oxygen for over 16 hours: Oxy-Powder and Homozon.


Some Colon Cleanser Advice!!!

A C o l o n C l e a n s e r is used in a simple 3-8 week process that doesn't require any drastic diet changes, or a complete fast. Will it definitely heal your symptoms? Noone can promise you that. We all have different bodies, so different things work for different people. But it has worked for many people in healing their acne, candida, brain fog, digestive problems, and sluggishness.

By the end of the regimen, most will feel the difference and feel livelier due to the removal of toxins, healthier bowels, no constipation, and faster transit times. Even if you don't have constipation, a colon cleanser can help anyone, especially older people. All of us are subjected to unhealthy toxins day in and day out. These toxins come from an unhealthy diet, the environment (such as pesticides or pollution), stress, overeating or under-eating, or malnourishment. These toxins all place a burden on our colon and make it work harder than necessary. Colon cleansing can remove these toxins and make our colon work more efficiently.





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